SEO means
As the name says it is optimizing search engine to ensure that the particular website would appear high on the list by search engine which can be done by increasing the number of visitors to particular website also known as getting more traffic to particular website.On-page SEO and Off-page SEO describes how exactly SEO works.

What and Why- On-page SEO?
Any changes made within the particular website to rank higher is On-page SEO
On page Optimization plays very important role in SEO. It helps to make our OFF page efforts easy. Without ON Page Optimization or by placing targeted keywords on website it is very difficult to get rank for that keywords
It is one of the main modules in Digital Marketing hence all the Digital Marketing Training Institutes concentrate on this.

Key factors that determine On-page SEO:

Title-specifies clickable headline displayed on search engine to get result of what we search forMeta Description-describes the title briefly say in 2-3 sentencesURL Structure-should not contain any special characters which may lead to conflict (search engine); these special characters can be edited using-Ctrl + UKeyword– is a particular phrase that describes the contents of a Webpage and it plays a main role in page rankingInternal linking-same domain as the domain link on particular website (source) is internal301 Redirect-when a particular website no longer exists in old name and will be changed; visitors when search with old name should automatically be redirected with new one404 Error-usually occur when the website is not customized due to misspell words and if particular webpage doesn’t existBroken Links-when a website is created and a page in particular website is removed then it leads to the broken linksAlt Image text-if the image is not clear then the description of the image should be given to make visitors to know about the imageRobots.txt-will get to know the pages restricted by the particular websiteXML site map-will get to know the entire links available on particular websiteCanonicalization-a standard form of link should be designed to overcome issues when website opens with any relevant searchBread crumbs navigationA proper way of navigation should be made which gives the track from the page user is currently viewing to the home page

What and Why– Off-page SEO?Promoting links outside the actual website to rank higher is Off-page SEO and is mainly based on back links and brand awareness.Off-page optimization is the most important part in search engines optimization because it gives back links to websites and helps to increase website performance. Off Page SEO Services plays important role to get more website traffic.Key factors that determine Off-page SEO:

Directory Submission: submitting links on various websites which is already ranking well to create backlinks and improve ranking is directory submissionSocial Bookmarking: When you are ready with a link put into a social bookmarking network and submit it to a social bookmarking site. Keywords are optimized and used on the website, and then a description is added. Later using keywords one can search on networkBlog Submission: one of the popular ways is by writing blog of your own website with precise and unique content to promote website by posting comments in other service-related blogs and blog search engine and directoriesPress Release Submission: make sure the news release is written in journalistic way to drive traffic. If you are looking for press release submission there are many companies including SEO Content India, available on the web offering press releaseArticle Submission: most successful techniques which mainly deals with writing articles and submitting it to popular article directories to improve ranking.Blogs that are under the section of articles in website will be taken and submitted in HIGH PR dofollow article submission sitesSocial Networking: the purpose of this is to use social media to improve search engine ranking of one’s business and this technique will be a great way to help enhancing SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a part of Search Engine Marketing and the aim of both are same which is to rank higher on website page. SEM also known as PPC(pay-per-click) or CPC(cost-per-click).SEO is organic which means free whereas SEM is paid search. SEO takes longer period to get results it is not the same as in SEM which gives better results in a short period.

The above diagram represents how Search Engine works:

STEP 1 – Web Crawlers or Spiders are automated programs with search bots which is used by search engine to follow links to look around the internet.
Step 2 – Spiders then evaluate and learns about the web page by analyzing meta data and keywords.
STEP 3 – Spiders then crawl from page to page and builds a list of word content.
Step 4 – They combine findings from each page and builds an index in large databases.
STEP 5 – At last they report back to search engine with results