Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Evolving Digital Marketing Landscape

The digital terrain is evolving, fast. Primarily, powered by new digital technologies. Consumers are adapting and gaining easier access from a plethora of platform 

choice such as: reviews on device of their choice, social media, price comparison sites, brand websites and eCommerce portals.

Reach out to the audience with meaningful digital marketing. The team at digital marketing company in Bangalore – Edueasygo is made up of gifted and specialist writers, savvy digital marketers, coding whiz and graphics talent. We create customized, evocative communications and present your brand effectively to engage, inform and educate audiences in the digital community.


How to Successfully engage with consumers in this complex ecosystem?

Team Edueasygo has developed the skills, capabilities and experience in meeting this challenge head-on and succeeds in driving customer traffic through superior content creation and strategic digital channel management.

People pause and take-in the sight when what you see is interesting. We craft our visuals and content to arrest people’s complete attention.

Team Edueasygo digital marketing success is grounded on our excellent understanding of the digital landscape and finely honed writing, artistic and engineering skills.

Edueasygo AD Media Communications digital marketing team is made up of gifted and specialist writers, savvy digital marketers, coding whiz and graphics talent, all led by capable, hands-on management team. 

Research & Analysis Shows You the Way

To achieve digital marketing success team Edueasygo performs research and analysis of key metrics such as:

Key Performance Indicators: set website traffic targets through KPIs including website traffic, traffic sources, paid ads click-through rates, social shares decreasing bounce rates.

Audience persona: we arrive at a picture of audience profile, their interests and behaviour patterns.

Competitor activity: Competitor analysis presents a wealth of insights, data and tactics. Know your competition well to get ahead of them is our approach at Edueasygo.

Channel mix: Matching the right media channels to suite the audience profile is a continuous exercise based on age group, income levels and trends.

Content creation: Arriving at the optimal content style and substance is imperative. Content can be created as though leader, domain expert, light and entertaining or even outright quirky depending on the audience.

Creative Development and Design

Creative communications development is in line with company strategy and specifics on the particular message and developed around client brand guidelines. Writers dream up new concepts and story’s, Art directors conceptualize and graphic designs implement design and layout for each emailer.

Precision Engineering

Experienced engineers faithfully reproduce the design to the exact pixel the designer meant it to. This coding in turn is strictly quality controlled.

Reporting and Optimization

We deploy an array of tools to track emails, monitor clicks and follow every metric to determine exact ROI and accurately send reports.

Digital Marketing – All You Need to Know

Edueasygo deploys multiple skills in creating high impact digital marketing creative development, effective promotion and deliver higher ROI. Totally aligned with the brand, Team Edueasygo digital marketing services emulates the style, tone and voice customers have come to trust.

Ranked among leading digital marketing companies in Bangalore, several demanding skills come-together in making digital marketing a success.

Specializations under the umbrella term of digital marketing agency in Bangalore services are:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
Paid Search Marketing

Edueasygo paid search marketing experts accurately identify and capture the attention of potential customers at the very beginning of their buying journey through Google, Facebook and Instagram paid search marketing.

The team at Edueasygo approaches each assignment with strategy’s planned around the business. From identifying best suited channels to setting optimal budgets Edueasygo has set high standards and achieved great success.

Paid search marketing works for companies of any and all sizes. Google adwords levels playing fields between multinationals and small startups. Based on the brief PPC experts plan and work to capture market-share, optimize and work on lowering acquisition costs.

Innovations and changes are an everyday manifestation in search technology and in Google, therefore, Edueasygo has put in place an efficient system for the technical team to stay on top of the learning curve, learning, testing the latest tools and software and outperforming the competition.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an asset earned through merit. When positioned prominently, businesses receive a steady stream of traffic of searching and ready to buy consumers. The degree of success is the high position the page has achieved for that keyword. Statistics indicate 95% searchers settle for results within page one without moving to page two or beyond.

The SEO team at Edueasygo delivers comprehensive SEO services starting from initial briefing to initial auditing of on-site and off-site status and problems and opportunities through to research, recommendations and ongoing optimisation. Edueasygo SEO efforts are content driven and completely integrated the broad digital marketing efforts.

Edueasygo SEO experts examine each word of the website content and structure for effective recognition during indexing by search engines. Additionally, the team works on optimizing offsite signals and influence search engine rankings such as media coverage, web link building and social media.

Social Media Marketing

Edueasygo dedicated social media marketing & management team – unique from all digital marketing companies – create and communicate interesting information on the brand, its products and or services. The team is trained to develop a brand personality’s around the company that will etched in the consumers mind.

We work with brands and companies of all shapes and sizes to create promote and manage social media communications and channels.

Edueasygo social media marketing services span strategic creative development of communications, content creation, content marketing, campaign planning and implementation, channel management and publishing. We list some of services for your ready reference:

  • Social media communications
  • Audit
  • Monitoring and response
  • Developing likes, tweets and social signals
  • Reporting
  • SEO integration
  • Competitor analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Communication and engagement
  • Building fans and followers
  • Content generation and seeding
  • Social PR
  • Offline integration
Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one the biggest marketing platforms for each and every business. However, keeping up with the constant changes in Facebook algorithm can make it a challenge to connect organically with fans.

As the top digital marketing companies Bangalore, we recommend Facebook highly for effectiveness. Running ad campaigns on Facebook is easier and highly effective. Facebook offers micro-targeting features that allows one to reach exact target audiences based on demographics, location, interests, and even behaviours. Presenting the brand’s offerings to the searching, ready to buy audience.

The various advertisement types and targeting options follows:

  • Photo Advertisements
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Lead ads
  • Dynamic ads
Instagram Advertising

More than a billion people use Instagram every month. Engagement with Instagram is more than both Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram is fully integrated with Facebook Ad Manager enabling us to leverage Facebook’s wealth of user information and advertise directly to a clearly defined target audience.

Instagram offers various ad formats such as:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads

Ads are integrated into users’ Feeds and Stories providing a non-disruptive user experience.

Instagram also offers different types of call-to-actions that can help you collect more leads.

Brilliantly designed advertisements carrying engaging messages and offers with a taunting call-to-action ensure we have target audience’s complete attention

Email Marketing


Email is low cost and an highly efficient marketing channel.

eMail marketing creates opportunities with customers at the right time and across multiple devices. Helps maintain connections with informative and helpful content throughout consumers buying journey.

Experienced and successful brands deploy eMail marketing as a standard in digital marketing mix. At Edueasygo trained eMail marketing experts deliver the entire range of eMail marketing from planning strategies around client business creative communication development, coding and publishing


Ease the customers path to purchase through crystal clear USP’s & simple, easy to understand and believable messages as opposed to endless information, barrage of repeated messages and advertising.

Consumers are always connected, no doubt, but gaining their attention is challenging from the crowded media vying for attention.

The following approach works in finding, reaching, and winning customers through increased awareness, improved consideration and winning positive purchase decisions

The Art of Winning Customers with Enchanting Content



A writer’s role in the success of a movie, play or book is central; so is the case in presenting messages in social media and web communications. Good writing cuts through the initial distrustful reception to marketing messages – the result of information overload.

Intelligent, interesting content piques interest and effortlessly engages the reader gaining direct access to consumer mindspace. Winning over even savvy and skeptical customers who maybe suspicious of marketing messaging coming directly from brands.

SEO content developed by EduEasyGo helps increase website rankings and provides information interestingly. Writers at Edueasygo create professional, unique content that delivers a clear and optimized marketing message to both search engines and users.